We offer cash car rentals!

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Take an EZ rental to see the sights of Memphis! Go to Graceland, Beale Street, The National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis Botanic Garden or go to live concerts in this beautiful Home of the Blues.
Cash Car Rentals | EZ Auto Rental | Memphis | (901) 744-8787
We make it easy to rent a car by offering cash car rentals. With our friendly cash accepted policy, we are able to serve a broad segment of Memphis drivers and travelers.
Rent A Car | EZ Auto Rental | Memphis | (901) 744-8787
We purchase only the best quality cars for our fleet. Count on us for reliable, comfortable and efficient transportation. Our cars look great and run just as well.

EZ Auto Rental: is a family owned business started in 1991.

Welcome to Memphis’s most reliable car rental company! We are pleased that you found us, and we hope you stay longer to learn more about our excellent car rental service.


Have you ever had trouble renting a car because you have no credit card?
Never fear, because we have fabulous cars for rent for cash, with no credit card required!
Superior Car Rentals

We rent only the finest automobiles to our Memphis customers.

• Top Condition
• Expertly Maintained
• Clean Inside and Out
• Amazing Prices


1. Renting a car gives you flexibility to do what you want.
2. Car repairs are no hassle with a rental car to rely on.
3. In-laws coming to town? Make them happier: rent them a car.
4. Rent a car when you fly here for more freedom of travel.
5. When you rent an auto, you are on your own time schedule.
6. Watch your gas gauge. MPG is different for every car.
7. Rent a car big enough to suit your needs.
8. A clean car is more enjoyable to drive.
9. Get insurance for financial protection in case of an accident.